Where to Watch Amateur Porn Videos Online

Do you know what’s more fun than watching pornsters fake pleasure for money? Amateur porn. Anyone who likes to watch porn and witness real sex, not just for money, knows that professional porn does suck. We don’t want to see unrealistic boobs in porn videos anymore.

Isn’t it just so damn enjoyable to watch drunken people let loose in bathrooms or a sorority party initiation? The naivety in a couple making out where there’s real affection gives a human touch to homemade sex tape.

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Sites with the Best Amateur Porn


Though there’s plenty of professional porn on Pornhub, you can also watch its users getting it on. If you don’t feel like watching the made-up stuff, go to the “Homemade” category where you’ll find amateur porn videos aplenty.

There’s a lot of high-quality content to explore and it is updated as soon as the users add more. You’ll even find better content than on pay sites. However, most of the content here is heterosexual. Gay videos are available as well, but that’s not to say you won’t find homemade content that will leave you wanting more.


You’ve probably heard this before. But the amateur porn videos on Reddit are the best you’ll find on the internet. They cater to different genres, each classified into its own subreddit. You’ll find sexy wives with the best bodies, couples who like to record their sex lives, men jerking off in different places, or boob pics from older women.

There’s enough amateur porn to keep you here for a while.

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Bright Desire

This site makes you think that maybe professional porn isn’t so bad. It’s different in the way it combines both professional and amateur porn by focusing on the human touch of relationships. The intimacy between lovers is emphasized on this site. Bright Desire features all gender identities, mostly in solo and couple scenes.

It feels like the perfect porn site, if there’s anything like that. There’s even some behind the scenes films if you want a closer bond with the person getting it on. It’s not free, though. You pay $22.95 for the first month. You’ll then pay $9.95 for the months that follow.

Try it, you’ll see why it won awards for its stand on Hardcore content.


On Chaturbate, you don’t have to pay to watch. You’ll find that it’s the best space to watch homemade sex tapes of couples having sex in real time. It’s full of themed shows and acts, with people taking on different roles. There are male and female models that are good at what they do; whether trans or straight.

Imagine getting off at the same time the performer does in real life! How would that feel? It’s not only normal people having sex here. You’re also part of the moment.

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Many Vids

This is more like an online store for models to sell their homemade sex tapes. The best thing about it is it does not compromise on quality. You still get the good stuff. It’s all about how deep your pocket is. However, it does not need to be that deep for you to afford Many Vids. There are hundreds of beautiful women men with the finest bodies. Trans models are well represented as well.


Maybe it’s time to switch to better content if you’d not watched amateur porn videos before. Professional porn is not even half as fun as amateur porn videos are. Whether you’re masturbating solo or having a good time with a partner, you always deserve the best quality.