How to Make Money With an Adult Blog

One-third of all web traffic comes from the adult niche. This niche is far more than just porn websites. It consists of everything that has adult content in it. It could be a website that sells sex toys. It could simply be a personal website where one sells their own visual content. Adult blogs are a perfect option to grow an audience and make some good money at the same time.

If you have ever considered starting an adult website, I hope this small guide will be sufficient enough to motivate you. How exactly do you make money out of an adult blog?

Since Google now prohibits AdSense on adult content, it is all up to you and the time you are willing to sacrifice. Sex will always sell, so all you need is getting traffic on your website. Before that, of course, you need to have one.

At the very beginning, you simply need to choose an adult niche. Choose something that interests you. If not, research and see which ones are most popular with people. Then, create your blog. You can choose to use an adult blog host. Most of them will supply you with well-made templates for your website. Instead of paying for a template online, this will facilitate your process.

A key factor for passive traffic is your domain name. If you want to succeed, do not choose a free one. It will be extremely hard to grow with one of those. After you choose a domain name, use Google AdWords planner and search through the estimated volume of searches per month. If you think they are low, choose a different name.

Now, you have created your blog/website. How do you now make money out of it? You first need to get some traffic. The key to getting constant traffic consists of two similar actions. Firstly, you need to become social. This means making a Twitter/Instagram account specifically for your blog and growing an audience actively. The second thing is to be consistent with your blog/website. This means being active with a lot of quality content.

Furthermore, with enough traffic, there are a variety of ways to make money through your adult blog:
– Affiliate programs
– Donations
– Premium and membership content
– Display advertising

Final thoughts
Nobody can tell you how much exactly you can make with an adult website. You have unlimited capabilities in the online world. With enough motivation, you can achieve great success. It is now up to you to make the final decision. Do you want to boost your bank account or do you feel this it is not your type of work? In the end, you could be free. You will work from home, and if you want, you can remain anonymous forever.